Jan 2, 2023

Roborock teases their premium next robot vacuum cleaner

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Roborock is about to announce one or two new, high-end robot vacuum cleaners at CES later this week. We know this thanks to several leaks, which have been analysed to the nth degree. All signs indicate that one model will be a departure from their current design, featuring a new mop and possibly a new name. Everything appears to suggest that this new device will be comparable to the Dreametech Bot W10 Self-Cleaning, as it no longer features a flat mop, and a newly designed self-cleaning station.

It is not yet known whether this product will ultimately become the Roborock S8 or, as the leaks seem to indicate, it is a new series of robot vacuum cleaners altogether. If the latter were the case, the name Roborock X7 WashVac appears to place it in the current generation of Roborock robot vacuum cleaners, next to the S7, S7 MaxV, Q7, and Q7 Max. There is, of course, also the possibility that Roborock is announcing the X7 WashVac alongside the S8, and I have so far spotted one indication that this might indeed be the case.

What we know about the Roborock S8 or X7 WashVac

The first thing you will notice is the change of design. This new robot vacuum cleaner, be it the Roborock S8 or Roborock X7 WashVac, marks a departure from the round shape, and introduces the D shape, many other brands have adapted. The change in design is to make space for the new DyadPower roller mop.

For those out of the loop, the Roborock Dyad is an already existing handheld wet/dry vacuum cleaner. DyadPower appears to refer to the mop roller both the Roborock Dyad and the Roborock X7 WashVac will use. Besides the new shape, other design elements are what we have come to know from Roborock: A small pod containing the LiDAR sensor for mapping sits on top of the machine and three buttons allow you to send it home, start vacuum cleaning, or start mopping.

The Roborock X7 WashVac base cleans, but doesn't empty

In what appears to be a downgrade over the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultras's auto-empty dock, the leaked manual of the Roboroc X7 WashVac does not appear to have an auto-emptying function. Instead, there are two water tanks: one for clean water and another for dirty water.

While the FCC documents do mention two docks, the CDZ18RR and CDZ19RR, I'm guessing that these are for different regions and won't include any different functionality.

The Roborock X7 WashVac from all sides

Below are all the images of the Roborock X7 WashVac that have been leaked so far. These show both sides of the robot vacuum cleaner, and the top, bottom, and rear On the whole, this model appears to have a small footprint when compared to the other offerings from Roborock.

Do the mystery sensor and dock hint at the Roborock S8?

In one of the teaser images Roborock leaked, they show of what appears to be a sensor covering, similar to the one found on the Roborock S7 MaxV. Interestingly, neither the manual nor the leaked images of the Roborock X7 WashVac show this sensor anywhere on its body. It certainly doesn't match the sensor that is located on what is presumably the front of the WashVac X7.

Another mystery is the dock Roborock teased us with. While the image on Twitter might not reveal much, a few adjustments in Photoshop lay bare what is hiding in the darkness. One thing is clear: This is not the Roborock X7 WashVac's dock. You can clearly see three chambers, and the light and logo also doesn't match the leaked photos.

What it does resemble, though, is the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra's dock. The only difference appears to be that the containers on the new dock are enclosed, and not out in the open. Could this be yet another indication the Roborock S8 is about to be launched? Only time will tell.

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