A sleek design and Matter support for the SwitchBot Hub 2

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A modern SwitchBot Hub 2 device is displayed prominently on a wooden table in a living room setting. The device shows a large digital display with the number 26 and a symbol indicating 62% humidity. In the background, there is a flat-screen TV mounted above a wooden console with a small, decorative bull figurine on it, all against a neutral wall.

SwitchBot, renowned for their innovative smart home devices that push, turn, press, and measure, has embraced the future by introducing their first devices with Matter support. The upgraded SwitchBot Hub 2 not only offers Matter compatibility over Wi-Fi, but also includes a temperature and humidity sensor, as well as enhanced infrared range.

Outshining the predecessor: SwitchBot Hub 2's elegant design and features

The SwitchBot Hub 2's predecessor, the Switch Bot Hub Mini, pales in comparison to its elegant and unobtrusive design. The temperature and relative humidity are neatly displayed on a seven-segment display beneath a white panel, while two capacitive buttons below allow for scene activation or individual device control.

A render of the Matter-supporting SwitchBot Hub 2 on a wooden table. It prominently displays the temperature and humidity through built-in sensors.

Retrofitting Bluetooth devices for Matter compatibility

Taking a cue from other manufacturers, the SwitchBot Hub 2 will retrofit devices that don't or can't support Matter, such as the SwitchBot Curtain, SwitchBot Lock, and SwitchBot Bot. However, new firmware will be required for these devices, with the SwitchBot Curtain being the first in line for updates. For Wi-Fi enabled devices, SwitchBot pledges firmware updates that will introduce Matter support without the need for a hub.

To harness the power of Matter, a Matter controller is necessary – a role the SwitchBot Hub 2 does not fulfil. Compatible controllers include various Google Nest devices, Amazon's Echo devices, and Home Assistant. Regrettably, the SwitchBot Hub Mini cannot upgrade existing devices to the new standard due to hardware constraints.

The perks of SwitchBot's Matter support

By adopting Matter, SwitchBot ensures compatibility with major smart home ecosystems like Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings. Customers can continue using the SwitchBot app if they prefer, with certain devices like the SwitchBot Curtain still requiring the app for calibration. Exclusive app features, such as auto-locking the SwitchBot Lock and pairing it with a Keypad Plus, will remain app-dependent.

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