SONOFF Introduces Smart Curtain Motor to the Market

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SONOFF has recently expanded into the smart curtain automation market with the release of the Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor. This addition positions SONOFF alongside established competitors such as Aqara, SwitchBot, and Zemismart, offering a blend of technology and affordability that aims to appeal to a wide range of consumers interested in home automation.

The Sonoff Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor


Balancing Affordability and Quality

The SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor uses the Zigbee communication protocol, known for its reliability, low power usage, and affordability. This ensures that it can integrate seamlessly into various smart home setups. With potential support for ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT, the motor is positioned as a flexible choice for homeowners aiming to improve their living spaces with smart technology.

Comparative Analysis: SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor

The SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor enters a competitive arena dominated by well established brands such as Aqara, SwitchBot, and Zemismart. Despite the stiff competition, SONOFF's offering stands out due to its blend of innovation, seamless integration capabilities, and affordability.

A closer examination of the SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor's battery life

In the world of smart curtain motors, battery life plays a crucial role in determining the convenience and practicality of a product. While the SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor boasts a decent battery life of up to three months on a single charge, it appears to lag behind its rivals in this department.

Comparing the Competitors

The Aqara Driver E1 emerges as the frontrunner, boasting an impressive battery life of up to a year, followed by the SwitchBot Curtain, which lasts for eight months on a single charge. Zemismart's product, meanwhile, offers up to five months of battery life. These figures suggest that the SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor will require more frequent charging than its counterparts.

Harnessing Solar Power

To mitigate this potential drawback, SONOFF, like SwitchBot and Zemismart, offers an optional solar panel add-on with a USB output. This eco-friendly solution can charge the SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor's battery during the day and provide a virtually endless power source. Being a solar panel, this will obviously depend on factors such as window orientation and general sunlight availability. Considering this, it's worth noting that certain conditions may still necessitate occasional charging, even with the solar panel in place.

The SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor Solar Panel attached to a window.

Embracing modern charging methods

On a positive note, SONOFF, along with Aqara and SwitchBot, has embraced the USB-C charging standard, ensuring convenient charging. Any charger you use for your phone or laptop will likely be able to top up the SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor. Zemismart, in contrast, continues to rely on the outdated micro USB charging port – for many, including me, that is a dealbreaker in this day and age.

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SONOFF's Unique Approach Provides Double the Efficiency

SONOFF's Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor offers a distinct advantage over its rivals with its innovative double-sided opening system. Unlike other smart curtain motors that require one motor per curtain, SONOFF's design uses a bead chain and idler on the opposite side of the motor, allowing two curtains to be pulled in opposite directions.

A Matter of Minutes

While this design may involve additional components and a slightly longer setup time, the extra effort is merely a matter of minutes. The benefits of this unique system, however, far outweigh the minor inconvenience.

A photo of a person attaching the SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor to a curtain rail.

Pricing That Makes a Difference

When it comes to cost, the SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor shines with its competitive pricing. Listed at just US$80 on the official website, it significantly undercuts the Aqara Driver E1 and SwitchBot Curtain which retail for approximately US$100 and US$110, respectively.

Taking Limitations Into Account

Despite its many strengths, the SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor does have some restrictions to consider. With a maximum travel distance of 3.5 meters, it falls short of accommodating larger windows or curved tracks. Additionally, it's incompatible with curtain rods. For those with specific requirements in these areas, exploring alternatives from competitors might be a better fit.

Initial Verdict on the SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor

The SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor presents itself as a viable option in the expanding smart home market, targeting both enthusiasts and cost-aware consumers. It offers a reasonable mix of features, affordability, and performance capabilities, making it a solid choice for those interested in curtain automation.

While there is potential for further refinement, the SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor represents a practical value proposition. As it continues to gain traction, it reflects a gradual move towards more accessible and cost-efficient home automation solutions.

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