Nanoleaf's first Matter-over-Thread light bulbs have arrived

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The smart home landscape is transforming with the arrival of Nanoleaf's Essentials Matter smart lighting line. Pre-orders are now available for their new Matter A19 smart bulb and Matter Lightstrip, both featuring full colour and tunable white light, with shipping set to begin in early April. More options like the BR30, GU10 bulbs, and recessed downlights will join the line-up later in the year.

Matter over Thread: connectivity at its finest

Imagine a world where smart home devices perform a seamless dance of connectivity, a harmonious blend of responsiveness and control. The latest release of these affordable Nanoleaf smart lights brings that dream to life, expertly weaving Matter and Thread technologies into a dazzling tapestry for your intelligent abode.

Thread, the nimble-footed wireless protocol, pirouettes gracefully with swift response times and a sturdy local mesh network. Meanwhile, Matter orchestrates a symphony of smart light control through various maestros—Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and soon, Amazon Alexa (pending an ecosystem update).

Together, Matter and Thread create a radiant performance, casting your living space in a glow of crisp white light and rich RGB hues. Effortlessly set the stage with a kaleidoscope of colours, transforming even the dreariest days into moments of brilliance.

Enter the realm of Matter-certified Nanoleaf Essentials Bulbs and Lightstrips, where home lighting becomes a breeze. Streamlined setup, fluid controls, and tailored automations unite in perfect harmony, transcending platforms and devices to suit your preferences. With the Matter standard as your guide, compatibility concerns vanish like shadows at dawn—every certified device syncs flawlessly with its partners.

The new The Nanoleaf Matter A19 light bulb that supports Thread.
The Nanoleaf Matter A19 (source: Nanoleaf)

Unified brilliance: the Matter-certified difference

To harness the full potential of Nanoleaf Essentials Matter lights, you'll need two key players: a Matter controller and a Thread border router (which could be one and the same). These lights will not only play well with other Matter devices, but also seamlessly integrate with any platform you add them to. As an added bonus, they'll moonlight as Thread routers in a mesh network, amplifying connectivity throughout your home. And for those without a Thread border router or Matter controller, fear not—Nanoleaf's app will keep the show going via Bluetooth.

Apple Home aficionados, take note: at launch, these Essentials will not harmonize with Apple Home's Adaptive Lighting feature. Since Adaptive Lighting hasn't joined the Matter ensemble yet, Apple Home users might prefer to stay in tune with the older Essentials bulbs and lightstrips. These are HomeKit and Thread-enabled but don't support Matter, and unfortunately, will soon bow out.

Despite this minor discord, Nanoleaf CEO and co-founder Gimmy Chu remains upbeat. He envisions Matter as a groundbreaking conductor for the smart home orchestra, yielding smoother interoperability and fewer obstacles. As platforms continue to layer features atop Matter, Chu foresees an even more robust smart home symphony. Nanoleaf's commitment to crafting

The new The Nanoleaf Matter A19 light bulb that supports Thread.
The Nanoleaf Matter A19 (source: Nanoleaf)

Light up your world: where to find Nanoleaf's latest creations

Ready to illuminate your world with the Essentials Matter-compatible A19 Smart Bulb and Lightstrip? Head to, where these luminous gems are available globally. The 2-meter Starter Kit and 1-meter Expansion Pack Lightstrips cater to your unique lighting desires. With prices ranging from a budget-friendly $19.99 to $49.99, there's a spotlight for every pocket.

But wait, there's more! Stay tuned for upcoming stars in the Essentials Matter line-up: the BR30, taking centre stage in April 2023, the GU10, and a Recessed Downlight, both set to debut in late 2023. With this brilliant ensemble, your home will be singing a harmonious tune of seamless connectivity and radiant hues.

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