Wyze Cam OG unveiled: two flavours for versatile home security

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Wyze, the purveyor of budget-friendly smart home technology, broadens its security camera portfolio with the launch of the Wyze Cam OG. This latest offering follows the recent release of the Wyze Cam Pan v3, and presents two unique models to address diverse security requirements: a floodlight-equipped version and a telephoto lens alternative sans floodlight.

A closer look at the Wyze Cam OG variants

The Wyze Cam OG, armed with a 1080p sensor for colour night vision, is your quintessential connected security camera. While its 40-lumen spotlight may not dazzle expansive gardens, it's ample enough to illuminate a shadowy room. The innovative picture-in-picture mode enables simultaneous viewing of two Wyze cameras, and with an IP65 certification, it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Retailing at $19.99 plus shipping (full price at $23.99), the Wyze Cam OG is now available for purchase.

The Wyze Cam OG
The Wyze Cam OG

In contrast, the Wyze Cam OG Telephoto trades the floodlight for a 3x telephoto lens. Retaining the 1080p resolution, IP65 rating, and dimensions of its sibling, this model is designed for observing distant objects – such as monitoring your mailbox from the sanctuary of your front door. The Telephoto variant also supports Wyze's picture-in-picture functionality, offering both wide and narrow perspectives.

The Wyze Cam OG pair: an affordable solution for adaptable surveillance

The compatibility of both Wyze Cam OG models with the new picture-in-picture feature brings added flexibility to your home security setup. By mounting a Wyze Cam OG and a Wyze Cam OG Telephoto adjacently and aiming them in the same direction, you can concurrently capture a wide-angle view and a close-up of a single scene. This dynamic duo delivers comprehensive coverage without straining your finances: the Wyze Cam OG Telephoto is priced at $29.99 during its launch (rising to $33.99 at full price), while the standard OG is already available for purchase.

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