An image showing the Dreametech D9 Max, a sleek, high-performance robot vacuum cleaner equipped with advanced LiDAR navigation and powerful suction capabilities.

Dreametech D9 Max

The Dreametech D9 Max is a high-performance robot vacuum cleaner that comes with a powerful 4000Pa suction, capable of effectively clearing dirt from surfaces and within carpets. It features 4 levels of suction adjustment, enabling users to modify the cleaning power based on the degree of dirt. The device employs advanced LiDAR navigation for improved accuracy, swift mapping, enhanced obstacle evasion, and efficient routing. It boasts a 270ml water tank, 570ml dust tank, and 3 levels of water flow for thorough sweeping and mopping. The long-lasting 5200mAh battery provides a 150-minute runtime, enabling it to clean an area up to 2690 sqft on a single charge.

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