Image showing the sleek design of the Dreametech L10 Pro vacuum cleaner, emphasizing its large dust tank and water tank, and illustrating its advanced obstacle avoidance technology.

Dreametech L10 Pro

The Dreametech L10 Pro is a robust vacuum cleaner that utilizes a powerful 4000 Pa suction mechanism to effortlessly clean dust and pet hair from floors and carpets. It boasts a large 270ml water tank, a 570ml dust tank, and 3 adjustable water flow levels for comprehensive wet and dry cleaning. With a 5200 mAh battery providing up to 150 minutes of working time, the L10 Pro efficiently cleans an area of 2690 sqft and mops 2152 sqft in standard mode. It employs advanced 3D Obstacle Avoidance Technology and dual-line LiDAR technology to prevent collision with obstacles, while its Intelligent SLAM Algorithm enables systematic “S” shape route planning for orderly cleaning.

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