A Nanoleaf Matter Lightstrip Starter Kit showcasing a variety of vibrant colours, designed to enhance your home's atmosphere and integrate seamlessly with smart home ecosystems.

Nanoleaf Matter Lightstrip Starter Kit

The Nanoleaf Matter Lightstrip Starter Kit is designed to be compatible with all major smart home ecosystems, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into your home. It offers virtually limitless colour options, allowing you to enjoy the brightest white lighting with an extended temperature range from the coolest to warmest whites, or fully immerse yourself in a world of colours. The Matter QR code makes pairing the bulb and adding it to your home a breeze. Additionally, you can customise the Lightstrip with various colours and motions such as Fade, Highlight, and Random, allowing for a personalised experience that can transition from a soothing ambience to a lively party atmosphere.

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