A stylish Skagen Gen 6 smartwatch, displaying its bright and colourful Always-On screen, showcasing its advanced features for tracking health, fitness, and offering seamless connectivity.

Skagen Gen 6

The Skagen Gen 6 is a smartwatch that offers a variety of features to track and monitor health and fitness, including activity goals, steps, sleep, heart rate, cardio, and SpO2. Its advanced sensors and GPS-enabled activity modes provide data for various health and fitness apps. The watch features an Always-On display with increased brightness, more colours, and a higher pixel count, allowing users to personalise their watch face. It also offers a multitude of apps, from fitness to contactless payments and social media. Users can stay connected with notifications for calls, texts, and apps, as well as make and answer calls directly on the watch. The Skagen Gen 6 comes with a new case back and magnetic charger for faster charging, and its 3 ATM swim-proof design is suitable for various activities. Android users can benefit from the built-in Alexa feature for voice-controlled assistance.

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