SONOFF NSPanel Pro, an all-in-one smart home control panel and Zigbee hub, displaying real-time monitoring and enabling seamless device integration

SONOFF NSPanel Pro Smart Home Control Panel

The SONOFF NSPanel Pro is an innovative, all-in-one panel control system designed to provide users with seamless integration and control of an unlimited number of SONOFF devices. This powerful control panel not only acts as a smart panel but also doubles as a Zigbee hub, allowing for easy batch additions of Zigbee devices and compatibility with voice-controlled systems such as Alexa and Google Home. With the NSPanel Pro, users can effortlessly enable smart scenes with a single click, transforming their living spaces with various connected devices. Additionally, the panel offers customizable home security modes, providing personalized protection and instant notifications in case of sensor triggering. The NSPanel Pro also functions as a real-time monitoring display, supporting a variety of cameras for constant access to live footage across multiple areas of the home.

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