You can launch the Home Assistant dashboard from the Android Power Menu

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The Home Assistant companion app for Android has recently been updated, bringing new possibilities for users to interact with their smart home devices. This update allows you to add your lights, switches, and other devices to the Power Menu, a feature introduced in Android 11. As of now, only a small portion of users have access to Android 11, which explains the limited buzz around this new feature. However, for those who have it, this integration can significantly enhance their smart home experience.

A useful discovery for Home Assistant users

One Reddit user, /u/agneev, shared a valuable tip regarding the Home Assistant dashboard and the Power Menu. By long-pressing any of the added devices in the Power Menu, users can launch the Home Assistant dashboard directly. This simple trick streamlines the process of managing your smart home devices on Android 11.

This latest update to the Home Assistant companion app for Android demonstrates the potential for seamless integration between smart home technology and smartphone operating systems. As Android 11 becomes more widespread, users can expect an even more connected and efficient smart home experience.

Frontend can be opened from the Android power menu 🙌
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