Sengled Zigbee Smart Light Bulb displaying its array of colours, compatible with smart home systems.

Sengled Zigbee Smart Light Bulb

The Sengled Zigbee Smart Light Bulb offers a spectrum of 16 million colours ranging from soft white (2700K) to bright light (6500K), suitable for setting the desired ambiance or for use during special occasions. With a high brightness level of 800 lumens, it's ideal for parties and festive celebrations. As a 60-watt equivalent, the bulb is energy-efficient, potentially saving up to 80% in energy usage. Installation is straightforward, following the provided instructions. It's versatile for various settings such as home, hotels, meeting rooms, and for decorations in bars, cafés, and birthday parties. Compatibility extends to Amazon Echo devices, SmartThings, Wink, Hubitat, and the Sengled Hub.

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