Wyze Cam OG security camera with night vision and two-way audio for indoor and outdoor use

The Wyze Cam OG is a versatile and user-friendly security camera designed to provide high-quality monitoring for your home or property. With its 1080P HD video and colour night vision capabilities, it delivers clear and detailed footage both during the day and at night. Its indoor/outdoor compatibility and weather-resistant IP65 rating ensure reliable performance in various environments, while a built-in 40lm spotlight and mini-siren offer effective deterrence against potential intruders. The device also allows for customizable motion and sound notifications, giving users greater control over their security settings. Additionally, the Wyze Cam OG offers multiple recording options, including secure cloud storage through a Cam Plus subscription and local storage using a microSD card. Its improved two-way audio feature enables users to communicate with guests or pets.

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