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A digital illustration of a desktop computer

Are you a C# or Python developer? HASS.Agent needs your help!

May 4, 2023

Discover HASS.Agent, a popular Windows integration for Home Assistant, seeking developers to continue its open-source journey. Join the team and make an impact!

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A futuristic, computer-generated computer screen.

The Transition of WallPanel and MQTT Alarm Panel: A Sober Outlook

Sep 11, 2022

A lack of contributors and increasing workloads have led the creator and developer of the two popular Android apps WallPanel and MQTT Alarm Panel to look for new maintainers.

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room-assistant isn't dead, but looking for a maintainer

Jul 3, 2022

In its current state, room-assistant is very much usable, but due to a lack of spare time, the creator is open to finding a new maintainer.

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A minimalist styled room with a black leather sofa adorned with two neutral-toned cushions, positioned next to a potted green plant. A vintage white dresser stands to the right of the sofa, topped with a vase of dried wheat stalks and a small framed picture. A sleek, modern floor lamp with an adjustable neck casts light towards the dresser, creating a cosy ambiance. The room has light grey walls and a white tiled floor, reflecting a clean and serene atmosphere.

Is ESPresense the Successor to ESP32-MQTT-Room We've Been Waiting For?

Sep 9, 2021

There is a new project attempting to solve room presence detection with ESP32 boards: ESPresense. But can it fulfil its promise?

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