Hardware News

Xiaomi introduces the Wi-Fi 6 capable Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000

The Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 is about to take on the heavyweights of networking. It is an affordable, Wi-Fi capable, and fast mesh system.

Xiaomi is finally giving up on the Mi branding

Xiaomi’s branding and naming scheme is a complete and utter mess. A recent announcement is a first step in the right direction: Mi is dead.

Is ESPresense the successor to ESP32-mqtt-room we’ve been waiting for?

There is a new project attempting to solve room presence detection with ESP32 boards: ESPresense. But can it fulfil its promise?

The unofficial Wyze integration with Home Assistant is partially back

Wyze has allowed the development of the Home Assistant custom component to continue, but not without any serious restrictions.

eWeLink releases a Home Assistant add-on for Sonoff devices

This news shows that vendors are interested in integrating their smart home wares with Home Assistant. However, this integration shouldn’t be used.

Wyze will no longer integrate with Home Assistant

Wyze has never been open to third-party integrations, such Home Assistant. And now the unofficial API will likely cease to function, too.

IKEA is launching its first smart air purifier called STARKVIND

IKEA will start shipping their first smart air purifier called STARKVIND in October of this year. It uses Zigbee and has an integrated air quality monitor.

The Roborock Auto-Empty Dock for the S7 is now available

The new Roborock Auto-Empty Dock is the perfect, but pricey, addition to the Roborock S7 robot vacuum cleaner.

What are ESP Web Tools?

The bar for entry to the world of cheap ESP8266 and ESP32 has been lowered with the release of ESP Web Tools. But what exactly are they?

The YIO Remote Two, an alternative to Harmony, will integrate with Home Assistant

The updated YIO Remote Two, an alternative to Logitech Harmony, will integrate with Home Assistant out of the box, promising a much easier setup.