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AdGuard Home vs. Pi-hole (2020) – Two ad and internet tracker blockers compared

AdGuard Home and Pi-hole both cover the basics. They block ads and trackers. But which one is the better choice?

Integrating Sonarr with Home Assistant

I will cover the basics of integrating Sonarr with Home Assistant as well as the more advanced custom Upcoming Media Cards along with the Sonarr Upcoming Media integration.

Control Docker containers from Home Assistant using Monitor Docker

Using Monitor Docker you can observe and control your Docker containers from within Home Assistant.

If you edit Home Assistant YAML in Visual Studio Code you need this extension

If you edit your Home Assistant YAML code in Visual Studio Code you need the Home Assistant Config Helper extension installed.

AdGuard Home review – Will I ditch Pi-hole?

It is not a question of whether I’ll be switching but when I’ll be switching. Read my full review to find out why.

How to integrate MeteoSwiss with Home Assistant

A guide on how to set up the MeteoSwiss integration with Home Assistant.

Controlling Transmission using Home Assistant

I don’t want Transmission to affect my browsing when I’m at home. And that’s where this Home Assistant automation comes in handy.

Integrate your Windows PC with Home Assistant using IOT Link

There is a way to integrate your Windows PC with Home Assistant using the application IOT Link.

Why does Home Assistant have so many names?

There’s Home Assistant, Hass.IO, HassOS, Hassbian, Hass, Home Assistant Core, and Home Assistant Supervised. That’s a lot of names for a single project. Fear not, for I have written a guide which will explain each and every one of the names mentioned.

Pi-hole review: Network-level ad and tracker blocking

Pi-hole is a popular network-level ad and tracking blocker. Should you use it? Find out in my review.