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Honey, I Shrunk the Tag Reader for Home Assistant

A few days ago, the newest Tag Reader for Home Assistant was teased. It appears to have been shrunken down to almost half the size of the original.

How to adjust the size of the home zone in Home Assistant

A short guide on how to change the radius of the home zone in Home Assistant and thus reducing its size.

ESPHome 1.18.0 adds fingerprint readers, BME680 integration, and a BLE client

This update includes a full integration of the Bosch BME680 sensor, support for GROW fingerprint readers, a BLE client and sensor, and much more.

Pull the plug on your eufy security cameras (eufyCam) right now

What eufy is calling a “software bug” but is, in fact, a massive security breach has occurred in the last 24 hours. Unplug your cameras now!

Track the sun’s elevation with this new gorgeous custom card

A Home Assistant community member has coded and published a custom card for Home Assistant that will display the sun’s elevation.

What is WLED, and why is everyone excited by it?

WLED only does one thing: It controls NeoPixel LEDs (WS2812B, WS2811, SK6812). And it is class leading at what it does.

Roborock S7 review round-up: It sucks… and mops

If you are looking for the most complete robot vacuum cleaner, the Roborock S7 is the way to go. There are two caveats, though.

Support for the Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 in ESPHome is here

ESPHome version 1.17.0, makes BLE on the ESP32 even more versatile by adding support for the Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2.

Just like everything else, Home Assistant Blue is experiencing delays

It appears that the board Home Assistant Blue uses, the ODROID-N2+, is being delayed for multiple months due to the global semiconductor shortage.

You will soon be able to build LaMetric TIME alternatives with ESPHome

The ESPHome addressable light display opens up a whole world of possibilities. With it, You can turn any LED matrix or strip in to a display.