Home Assistant, ESPHome, and Self-Hosted Software Changelogs

Home Assistant is constantly changing and evolving. One day, you might be editing your automations and scripts using YAML, the next you might be using a fancy and user-friendly interface. The same goes for ESPHome and many other self-hosted home automation software commonly used. The following articles will let you stay on top of everything that is new to your favourite applications.

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Home Assistant now manages OAuth2 application credentials

Home Assistant Core 2022.6 No comments

Good news for haters of editors, as this is another step to a YAML-free future, as the configuration.yaml file remains untouched when integrating certain services with Home Assistant.

Update your manually configured MQTT entities

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As of Home Assistant Core 2022.6, MQTT entities will not be configured directly under the respective platform keys and will instead require the MQTT platform key.