ESPHome News

Just like Home Assistant, ESPHome is constantly evolving and changing. Keeping on top of everything ESPHome can be quite a chore. That is why I regularly collect the freshest news on ESPHome and publish it for your enjoyment.

How to connect just about any Xiaomi BLE device to ESPHome using custom components

These custom components for ESPHome integrate with numerous Bluetooth devices from Xiaomi that are not (yet) officially integrated with ESPHome.

ESPHome adds early support for ESP32-S2, ESP32-S3, and ESP32-C3

ESPHome 2021.10 introduces the ESP-IDF that allows tinkerers and makers to use three ESP32 variants: the ESP32-S2, ESP32-S3, and ESP32-C3.

ESPHome can now display graphs

The upcoming release of ESPHome 2021.10.0 adds a major new feature for displays to the already feature-packed tool: graphs.

Home Assistant Amber is coming to integrate all your devices

Home Assistant Amber features a custom board and a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. Find out why it matters and how it compares to the rest.

Integrating Airthings Wave Plus with Home Assistant using ESPHome

As of ESPHome 2021.9.0, you can easily integrate the Airthings Wave Plus, a CO2, VOC, and Radon sensor, with Home Assistant.

ESPHome will soon track iBeacon devices (beacons)

A pull request, that was merged with ESPHome just ten days ago, promises big things: ESPHome will soon track iBeacon devices.

The hacked IKEA VINDRIKTNING can now be read by ESPHome

It was bound to happen sooner or later: The previously hacked IKEA VINDRIKTNING can now be integrated with Home Assistant using ESPHome.

What are ESP Web Tools?

The bar for entry to the world of cheap ESP8266 and ESP32 has been lowered with the release of ESP Web Tools. But what exactly are they?

Honey, I Shrunk the Tag Reader for Home Assistant

A few days ago, the newest Tag Reader for Home Assistant was teased. It appears to have been shrunken down to almost half the size of the original.

ESPHome 1.18.0 adds fingerprint readers, BME680 integration, and a BLE client

This update includes a full integration of the Bosch BME680 sensor, support for GROW fingerprint readers, a BLE client and sensor, and much more.