Smart Home Hardware Reviews

Gain an insight in to the best devices for your smart home powered by Home Assistant by reading my hardware reviews.

The best tablet to display your Home Assistant dashboard (2021 update)

If you want a truly smart home you need to have a wall-mounted tablet to control and observe everything. Find out which tablet is best for your Home Assistant dashboard.


Roborock S7 review round-up: It sucks… and mops

If you are looking for the most complete robot vacuum cleaner, the Roborock S7 is the way to go. There are two caveats, though.

Early reviews of the Lidl Zigbee smart bulbs don’t seem promising

Now that customers have had their hands on Lidl smart bulbs for more than a few days, first reports on them are popping up on the internet.

The best robot vacuum cleaner for Home Assistant (2021)

No robot vacuum cleaner would be complete without a proper brain behind its operation. And Home Assistant is, most likely, the best brain you can gift to any robot butler.

Gledopto Pro series LED controllers are a cheap alternative to Hue Lightstrips

Once you know what to buy I can almost guarantee that you will come away with a more flexible and cheaper alternative to the Philips Hue Lightstrips.

The best Zigbee temperature and humidity sensors for Home Assistant

Being able to measure the temperature and humidity is one of the basics of a smart home. Here you will find a selection of highly-rated temperature and humidity sensors which are all compatible with Home Assistant.