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How to build a battery-powered DIY chair occupancy sensor

This guide will tell you how you can build a reliable chair occupancy sensor that will tell Home Assistant whenever a bum is filling a seat.

How to view Google Home/Assistant timers and alarms in Home Assistant

Using the Home Assistant Google Home community integration, you can view alarms and timers set on Google Assistant smart speakers and displays.

How to control Home Assistant from a Garmin sport watch

This guide will show you how to get basic controls over entities integrated with Home Assistant on to your Garmin sport watch using HassControl.

IKEA makes an air quality monitor, and it has already been hacked

Despite still being earmarked as new, the offline-only IKEA VINDRIKTNING air quality monitor has already been disassembled, analysed, and hacked.

The TallyWhacker will seriously annoy your upstairs neighbour

The TallyWhacker was built to annoy neighbours and consists of an ESP8266, an RC servo, a battery, and, most importantly, a spring doorstop.

The many Xiaomi robot vacuums compared

This comparison will give you an overview over Xiaomi’s many robot vacuum cleaners. From the Xiaomi Mi Robot to the Xiaomi Mijia 1T.

Want to keep track of Ethereum in Home Assistant? Try the integration

It comes as no surprise that there is a custom integration for Home Assistant that pulls data from and exposes it as a sensor.

The DIY video doorbell with voice response is better than anything you can buy

This ESPHome video doorbell with voice response is looks sleek, uses open-source software, and seamlessly integrates with Home Assistant.

How to integrate eufy security cameras with Home Assistant

This guide will show you how to add eufy security cameras to Home Assistant, giving you access to their streams and sensors.

Zigbee groups from Zigbee2MQTT now auto-discovered in Home Assistant

The most recent update to Zigbee2MQTT has introduced the ability for Zigbee groups to be auto-discovered by Home Assistant using MQTT Discovery.