The Ultimate ESPHome Guides for Everyone

ESPHome (previously known as esphomelib) is quite possibly the easiest tool to create custom firmware for ESP8266 and ESP32 boards. With ESPHome you won’t need any programming skills to get started and if you’re capable of configuring Home Assistant integrations you’ll feel right at home. Since March 18, 2021 ESPHome has been a part of Nabu Casa.

The TallyWhacker will seriously annoy your upstairs neighbour

The TallyWhacker was built to annoy neighbours and consists of an ESP8266, an RC servo, a battery, and, most importantly, a spring doorstop.

The DIY video doorbell with voice response is better than anything you can buy

This ESPHome video doorbell with voice response is looks sleek, uses open-source software, and seamlessly integrates with Home Assistant.

Opening a garage with a fingerprint sensor ESPHome

A Home Assistant and ESPHome user used the GROW R503 fingerprint sensor to open a garage without any keys or cards and just their fingerprint.

You will soon be able to build LaMetric TIME alternatives with ESPHome

The ESPHome addressable light display opens up a whole world of possibilities. With it, You can turn any LED matrix or strip in to a display.

ESP-01S, ESP-07S, ESP-12F… The many Ai-Thinker modules with ESP8266 inside compared

ESP-XX modules from Ai-Thinker are popular with enthusiats due to their low cost and small size

The simplest ESPHome volume knob featuring an OLED screen

This volume knob uses a rotary encoder to control your music’s volume and its firmware is written using ESPHome. An OLED screen displays the current track.

The MIST-O-Matic 3000 is a smart and Wi-Fi connected ultrasonic humidifier

The MIST-O-Matic 3000 is exactly what you’d expect it to be: A smart, Wi-Fi connected humidifier. At the heart of the MIST-O-Matic 3000 is the beloved LOLIN D1 mini running firmware built using ESPHome.

The ESPHome seven segment clock with WS2812B LEDs

This 3D-printed seven segment clock uses WS2812B RGB LEDs. As it uses ESPHome it can be controlled by Home Assistant.

How to convert an ATX (desktop computer) PSU into a bench power supply

An ATX power supply, those that you will find in desktop computers, can be converted in to a bench power supply for ESP32 and ESP8266 projects.

Weather, events, and notifications on a Waveshare e-paper display

This ESPHome is powered by a battery and uses a 7.5-inch e-paper display from Waveshare to show the weather forecast, events, and notifications.