The Ultimate ESPHome Guides for Everyone

ESPHome (previously known as esphomelib) is quite possibly the easiest tool to create custom firmware for ESP8266 and ESP32 boards. With ESPHome you won’t need any programming skills to get started and if you’re capable of configuring Home Assistant integrations you’ll feel right at home. Since March 18, 2021 ESPHome has been a part of Nabu Casa.

Integrating Airthings Wave Plus with Home Assistant using ESPHome

As of ESPHome 2021.9.0, you can easily integrate the Airthings Wave Plus, a CO2, VOC, and Radon sensor, with Home Assistant.

What is an ESP8266, and why does ESPHome use it?

At its core, The ESP8266 is a low-cost Wi-Fi (b/g/n) microchip, released in 2013. With ESPHome, it can be used to read sensors, build lights, and more.

What is ESPHome, and what can it do?

ESPHome (previously known as esphomelib) is a tool with which you can create custom firmware for ESP8266 and ESP32 boards.

What are GPIO pins on the ESP8266 and ESP32?

GPIOs are what ESPHome uses to gather data from sensors, detect button pushes, push data to other devices, and more.

What is an ESP32, and does ESPHome need its extra power?

The ESP32 is a low-cost, low-power, and ESPHome-compatible system on a chip microcontroller.

What to do if ESPHome shows all nodes as offline

In some cases, the ESPHome dashboard will show all nodes as offline, despite them being online. A single variable is the fix.

Hacking the IKEA FÖRNUFTIG air purifier and adding ESPHome

The IKEA FÖRNUFTIG is perfect for Home Assistant and has a US$60 price tag. With an ESP8266 and ESPHome, you can give it some smarts.

The TallyWhacker will seriously annoy your upstairs neighbour

The TallyWhacker was built to annoy neighbours and consists of an ESP8266, an RC servo, a battery, and, most importantly, a spring doorstop.

The DIY video doorbell with voice response is better than anything you can buy

This ESPHome video doorbell with voice response is looks sleek, uses open-source software, and seamlessly integrates with Home Assistant.

Opening a garage with a fingerprint sensor ESPHome

A Home Assistant and ESPHome user used the GROW R503 fingerprint sensor to open a garage without any keys or cards and just their fingerprint.