Featured ESPHome Projects

There are a ton of interesting ESPHome projects scattered around the internet. In the following articles you will find a collection of projects which personally interest me and deserve to be shared.

The mini mailbox lets you know when you get mail

This mini mailbox will tell you when the mailman has been.

Controlling a Jura coffee machine with ESPHome using the service port

You can connect an ESP8266 running ESPHome to the service port on the Jura Impressa J6 and control it with Home Assistant via Wi-Fi.

Detecting bed presence using thin film pressure sensors with ESPHome

The creator of today’s featured ESPHome project created a DIY bed presence detector using a couple of thin film pressure sensors hooked up to an ESP32.

Controlling LED strips using PWM in ESPHome

In certain places, such as the kitchen, you will never need a light which can change its temperature. For those places, a high CRI traditional LED strip is the best light source.

The ESPHome-powered automatic cat feeder is a thing of genius

This maker decided that enough was enough and they built their furry companion a fully automated cat feeder.

The ESPHome powered multisensor

Building a multisensor is one of the first things you should when starting off with ESPHome. The sensors are cheap, the wiring isn’t complicated, and you get your first taste of creating custom firmware for an ESP8266 .

Building a video doorbell using an ESP32-CAM with ESPHome

This DIY video doorbell uses an ESP32-CAM and doesn’t need any cloud services.

The ESPHome weather station with a Nextion display

This project uses a 2.4″ Nextion display, which are quite interesting on their own, and the popular Wemos D1 mini ESP8266 board housed inside of a 3D printed case.

Building a physical volume controller for Home Assistant using ESPHome

This ESPHome project is a simple, physical volume controller for Home Assistant.