The Best Home Assistant Guides

Despite the many improvements over the years, Home Assistant can be quite intimidating at first. To help you start your journey into the world of home automation, I’ve put together a number of guides. These guides cover Home Assistant integrations, hardware, and the web-based Lovelace dashboard.

Home Assistant is an open-source home automation platform. As part of your smart home, Home Assistant will observe the state of your smart-devices, control all of your devices from a single interface, and make your home adjust to what you’re doing using automation.

Integrate Home Assistant with Windows using HASS.Agent

HASS.Agent is open-source, free, and besides presenting sensors to Home Assistant, it also supports commands, notifications, and quick actions.

How to integrate unsupported services with Home Assistant using webhooks

Unsupported services can be easily integrated with Home Assistant using webhooks. This is how you set them up.

How to customize a Home Assistant entity

While customizing an entity won’t make any difference to how automations and scripts use it, it does help keep things tidy.

How to build the easiest Zigbee chair occupancy sensor

This DIY Zigbee chair occupancy sensor for Home Assistant doesn’t require soldering, knowledge of electronics, or 3D-printing.

System Bridge is yet another way to integrate Windows with Home Assistant

I introduce you to my favourite integration of Windows with Home Assistant: System Bridge. This app sends notifications, commands, and gathers data.

How to add internal links to the Home Assistant sidebar

This guide will show you how to add custom links to internal pages to the Home Assistant dashboard’s sidebar.

How to control Home Assistant from the Windows system tray using HA Menu

To celebrate HA Menu becoming available on Windows, I will be showing you how to set it up and, once the setup is complete, how to use it.

How to integrate the Wyze Robot Vacuum with Home Assistant

Using a custom component, you can control the Wyze Robot Vacuum with Home Assistant. This integration is much smarter than using a schedule.

How to integrate your Tesla electric car with Home Assistant

The Tesla Custom Integration for Home Assistant is a fork of the ceased official integration. It offers all the functionality you need, and perhaps even more.

The Area Card for Lovelace is an upcoming addition to the official selection

As the name suggests, the Area Card for Home Assistant’s Lovelace dashboard lets you view information and control devices of a defined area.