Featured Home Assistant Projects

Once you get started with Home Assistant, you will be looking for a new project as soon as you have completed (or delayed) the one you were working on. To help inspire your next venture, and perhaps speed up the implementation, this category collects the best projects I have found in various Home Assistant communities.

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How to build a battery-powered DIY chair occupancy sensor

This guide will tell you how you can build a reliable chair occupancy sensor that will tell Home Assistant whenever a bum is filling a seat.

Location-based actions on a Philips Hue dimmer switch

Using Node-RED, ESP-32 boards, and an iBeacon, you can execute room-dependant commands by pushing a button on the Philips Hue dimmer switch.

Turn an Aqara Water Leak Sensor into an instant rain meter

In this guide I’ll be showing you how to convert a readily available Aqara Water Leak Sensor into an instant rain meter.

Track iPhones in room-assistant using Bluetooth Low Energy

A room-assistant companion app, which is currently in beta, allows those in the Apple ecosystem to benefit from everything BLE has to offer.

Making a dumb doorbell smart using a Shelly 1 and Home Assistant

The Shelly 1 will allow you to keep your old doorbell and chime but will notify Home Assistant whenever someone is at the door.

Monitor your Raspberry Pis in Home Assistant using MQTT

Using this simple script you will be able to monitor vital Raspberry Pi system information, such as CPU usage and temperature using MQTT.

Building a chair occupancy sensor using an Aqara window sensor

A chair occupancy sensor might sound like a gimmick at first but there are some actually useful use-cases once you start to think about it.