Windows integration

Integrate Home Assistant with Windows using HASS.Agent

HASS.Agent is open-source, free, and besides presenting sensors to Home Assistant, it also supports commands, notifications, and quick actions.

System Bridge is yet another way to integrate Windows with Home Assistant

I introduce you to my favourite integration of Windows with Home Assistant: System Bridge. This app sends notifications, commands, and gathers data.

How to control Home Assistant from the Windows system tray using HA Menu

To celebrate HA Menu becoming available on Windows, I will be showing you how to set it up and, once the setup is complete, how to use it.

Control your Windows PC with HASS Workstation Service

HASS Workstation Service is a new application which allows you to control and monitor your Windows PC from Home Assistant using MQTT.

Use Home Assistant Desktop to quickly access your dashboard from Windows, Linux, and macOS

Home Assistant Desktop is a small open-source application built with Electron. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux

Integrate your Windows PC with Home Assistant using IOT Link

There is a way to integrate your Windows PC with Home Assistant using the application IOT Link.