Home Assistant News

Every release of Home Assistant Core and Home Assistant OS introduces many changes and new features. With every release, Home Assistant is changing. Here is where you will all the latest news on your favourite open-source home automation software.

To not just parrot what is being reported in the official changelogs, I have a separate Docker container running the Home Assistant beta release channel, with which I test what I am talking about. I also use a Raspberry Pi with yet another Home Assistant installation, to be able to use Home Assistant OS.

The Home Assistant Companion app for Wear OS is here

This week, as something of an early Christmas present, we finally get to play with the first beta release of the Home Assistant Companion App for Wear OS.

The Home Assistant Area Card for Lovelace is here

The previously teased Area Card is the latest addition to the list of official Lovelace components. Read on to see this Home Assistant card in action.

Home Assistant’s configuration is getting a splash of colour

In what is shaping up to be a major update to the interface, Home Assistant 2021.12 will add colours to the currently rather monotonous configuration options.

Home Assistant gains a new entity: Buttons

Buttons are similar to switches, but whereas switches can be considered virtual latching switches, a button is a virtual momentary switch.

Turn your Raspberry Pi in to a notification machine using VLC

With the release of Home Assistant Core 2021.11 you can use VLC on your Raspberry Pi for Text to Speech.

The Area Card for Lovelace is an upcoming addition to the official selection

As the name suggests, the Area Card for Home Assistant’s Lovelace dashboard lets you view information and control devices of a defined area.

Home Assistant entities are about to become neater and easier to use

The mess that is device entities in the Home Assistant UI will be cleaned up in the upcoming 2021.11 release. Learn everything about categories!

Home Assistant is finally getting an icon picker in the UI

With the upcoming release of Home Assistant 2021.11, the developers are adding an icon picker to the graphical interface.

ESPHome will soon track iBeacon devices (beacons)

A pull request, that was merged with ESPHome just ten days ago, promises big things: ESPHome will soon track iBeacon devices.

Home Assistant turned eight and something new will be announced to celebrate

Eight years ago, balloob, created Home Assistant. To celebrate, the developers have teased an announcement being made on Wednesday, September 15.